Symposium Venue & Hotel

Conference Location

University Club (near cubo 25)


Bus station - P. Bucci bridge

How to reach the conference site

The conference will take place at the University Campus of Calabria situated in Arcavacata of Rende, a town near Cosenza. More precisely, in the valley of the Crati. It appears as a long "cue" composed of a series of cube-shaped buildings, in which are located the individual Faculties and Departments. In the hilly areas there are buildings mostly concentrated along the transit roads, and the university residences; in the lower part, instead, the scenario is characterized by some buildings of the University, including the “Polifunctional”, the first residential district and some common centers.

Venue Venue

The University of Calabria currently has about 30,000 registered students, thus positioning it among the leading academic institutions of our country.

The conference will take place in the University Club convention center of the University of Calabria.

Venue Venue

Address: University Club, Via P. Bucci, 87036 Arcavacata di Rende CS

How to reach the DS-RT 2019 Conference Site at the University of Calabria


The University of Calabria can be reached from the international airport of Lamezia Terme by shuttle or taxi. The price for a taxi or shuttle ride from the airport of Lamezia Terme to the University of Calabria is about 30 euro one-way. The distance is about 80 km for about one hour of time.


Hotel Majorana

Venue Venue

Hotel Majorana, Via E. Maiorana, 6/C, 87036 Quattromiglia di Rende CS, TEL. 0984 404151

Domus Grand Hotel

Venue Venue

Domus Grand Hotel, Via G. L. Bernini, 4, 87036 Quattromiglia di Rende CS – TEL. 0984 839652

Hotel Marconi

Venue Venue

Hotel Marconi, Via Guglielmo Marconi, 84d, 87036 Quattromiglia di Rende CS, TEL. 0984 402282

Venue solution in the Cosenza city

Italiana Hotels Cosenza

Venue Venue

Italiana Hotels Cosenza, Via Panebianco, 452, 87100 Cosenza CS, TEL. 0984 175 8042